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Internal Database:  The software contains two large databases to store main items, and those databases works together as one, and they are able to store thousands of items in them. The software database is very fast and responsive which make save, update and read data from database very fast and accurate and also give the user the ability to work and do tasks faster, and the user can access those items in seconds. The software arranges these items within multiple sections and departments to be easy to access by the user.
Multiple Search Engine : The software contains a modern search engine where the user can find the required item from among the thousands of items in a seconds and can begin to search the item by searching certain sections like by item type, department, part of the serial number, or by item description in different languages like Arabic or English.
Date Tracking List: To simplify the process of tracking the period of validity of the items, the software collects all the items that on main database that will be or become expired,"The user can determine the validity period" and place them in a specific database that easy to access by the user at any time to check the list of items, and the user also has the ability to create a detailed report of these items to ease  locate them. The software sends a warning to the user to let him know that there are items need to be followed up and do what necessary as soon as possible.
Transfer Items This feature allows the user to transfer products between store departments and save them in the database that the user can access them anytime. The feature allows the user to print a detailed report of each department and calculate how many and which items were transferred and calculate the cost, like transfer 4 pounds of meat from the meat department to the kitchen department. The software calculates and create detailed daily, monthly and annually report to facilitate the calculation of profits.
Prices List: A new feature allows the user to organize a list of prices of products that are sold at special prices or wholesale price. The user can update the list on a daily basis and access to this information in an easy way by clicking on the wholesale tab.
Tracking List: With this feature, the user can follow-up specific products that he has chosen and added to the tracking list, and the user able to attach a note and quantity to the listed product.
Creating and Printing Signs: The program has the ability to print multiple sizes signs in an easy way. The user can choose the product to be printed by clicking on the product in the internal database list or by entering the UPC/PLU number of the product in a special box, the software will display all information of the product like name, price, size, and other notes.